I called her hurricane Nancy

On phone my phone she is identified as Foxy because she was a foxy lady, like in the best 1970’s tradition.

- I called her hurricane Nancy. On my phone, she's identified as Foxy, because she was a foxy lady, like in the best 1970s tradition. I'm the sort of person who naturally tries to take charge of whatever room I happen to be in. And it was impossible to do that with Nancy, because of her life force. I married Nancy 27 years and four months after I met her for the first time when her sister brought me home for Thanksgiving to meet the parents. Nancy's youngest child Phoebe came out to her as trans when she was 11 years old. She threw herself diligently into the project of being the best parent to a trans child that she could be. She founded a charity called Transform, which provides free donated clothes to transgender youth. I've been looking at pictures of me and Nancy together. I look absolutely dumbstruck in almost every one of these pictures. And despite it all, I consider myself one of the lucky ones. Time and again


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