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What is The Lucky Ones



Having both lost their wives, television producer Joseph Alvaro and film/television critic Matt Zoller Seitz, editor-at-large at RogertEbert.com and the television critic for New York magazine and Vulture.com, realized that they shared a common bond – their appreciation for the wives they loved.  They were, One of The Lucky Ones. They both felt that they were one of “The Lucky Ones.” They also recognized that there wasn’t a platform for people to celebrate and memorialize their loved ones who had passed.

As a result of this “Aha” moment Alvaro and Seitz decided to create The Lucky Ones, a social and video streaming platform.

The Lucky Ones brings to life those we’ve lost in five-minute video vignettes, creating a biographical profile of the special bond shared between two people. At The Lucky Ones, people from all walks of life can celebrate that special someone through the telling of wonderfully sweet stories filled with love, humor, and memories.

While building the platform, they decided to provide their audience with the ability to tell their stories too. Viewers can now create and share their own stories by uploading them to The Lucky Ones.

Our users are encouraged to upload and share their own videos or written stories with pictures to share with our followers.